Tyler Durden; What better example to talk about success. The character, created by chuck palahniuk in 1996, exudes confidence, charisma, and a hunger for success. Success. Maybe not in the sense that you or I would consider success in the 21st century – most people define lifetime success as having material wealth or fame. Palahniuk’s character does not follow this archetype. N’no, this rogue polymath has bigger fish to fry.

And this is what this blog is about. Many themes discussed here are going to be based around characters of the like. Creating something bigger than a business, obtaining something more than material goods. This site is about building frame, personal brand equity, and α male inner control.


tr.v. con·trolledcon·trol·lingcon·trols

1. To exercise authoritative or dominating influence over; direct.
2. To adjust to a requirement; regulate
3. To hold in restraint
4. To reduce or prevent spread

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