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By Shark

Deep within every guy is an Ultra-Alpha eternally at war with the feminine Omni-Matrix that works so vigorously to turn him into an estrogen fueled spineless beta.

become an alpha male

Glimpses of our inner Alphas can be seen on those few occasions where we truly feel dominant (right before entering a relationship or when we’re in a position of leadership).

Fully internalizing an Alpha mode of thought and unleashing the full extent of our Solipsism simply means releasing the torrent of Alphaness trapped within us. I’ve said this before – it is more a process of discovery than invention. The fact that guys are surfing the web looking for “new” techniques to become Alpha just proves how efficiently the architects of the matrix have been able to brain wash our generation of men. Our naturally masculine nodes of consciousness have been reduced into semi-anthropomorphic vagina smelling in-need-of-Viagra stim packed nauseous mental routs.

If you are a victim of the Matrix, you must follow protocol to harness your neglected masculinity.

Step 1: Realize you are a beta and the severity of your condition. If you are on this site, you have most likely already diagnosed yourself with an overly feminine approach to life and you have already begun to see your flaws. The more you become self-aware of your massively fucked up AFCism, the easier it will be to fix your mistakes. Are you whipped by your girlfriend? Do you need her a lot more than she needs you? Do you apologize sometimes just to get sex? Do you backpedal whenever she throws a shit test at you? Does your girlfriend flirt with other guys excessively? Does she still talk to her ex-boyfriend jerk who is clearly more Alpha than you? Do you take authority as truth rather than truth as authority? Do you have a Penis? Don’t lie to yourself.

Step 2: Begin to CONSCIOUSLY think differently. I stress the word consciously because at first the conditioned AFC mindset you have will resist any shift in mentality – our minds and bodies are abhorrent to change, they prefer to maintain a perpetual stasis. You will have to FORCE yourself to NOT be indecisive. Force yourself to NOT say insecure things. Force yourself to THINK positively. Force yourself to be more relaxed wherever you go. Forcefully SLOW-DOWN your life rather than live like a rabbit on crack. Force yourself to maintain frame and composure when your girlfriend freaks out. Force yourself to sublimate your instinctively beta responses to shit tests [no apologies, and do not supplicate shit tests.]

Step 3: Internalize. This is where guys always fuck things up. Your newly found Alphaness will attract women, you will find yourself a girlfriend, and then after about 2 months of shit testing, your frame will begin to shake. 99% of guys introduced to game drop the ball here. Do NOT regress back into beta mode. The deeper you go into your relationship, the more you’ll be inclined to ask for sex, to get lazy about talking to other women, to let her emotional state dictate your response, and to develop some sort of psychological dependency. Be warned: Oneitis obliterates Alphaness and testosterone like a tofu diet.

**Now a final note of severe importance. You don’t need to figure out a way to “think alpha.” Alpha male manifestos were invented to SELL the product of self-development. You are ALREADY ALPHA, you only need to stop supplicating your AFCism and start aligning your actual consciousness with your inner Alphaness.

EVERY guy reading this KNOWS what he should do. They KNOW they should dump their soul-sucking blood thirsty girlfriends, they KNOW they need to stop playing world of warcraft, they KNOW they should be gunning down their dreams – but they don’t.**

You are asking for knowledge to understand; but what you really need is inspiration to execute.

“As you think, you shall become”

***See the blog roll and head over to his site.

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