On Alice in Wonderland

The pre-conditioning and socialisation of the developed society has us obsessed with life-style. We acquire income from jobs we hate, to supplement outgoings on celebrity endorsed grills and designer dildos. We are consumers.

The Mad Men of Madison Avenue have us chasing cars larger than our roads, “secret” dietary tricks which allow repulsive heffers to consume inordinate calories and “STILL DROP TEN lbs”, and beauty products with pseudo-scientific ingredients. Even the sexualisation of children is a result of profit based marketing – and we wonder why pedophilia is on the rise.

Darwin’s theory predicts crime, suffering and poverty – these things don’t concern us. If we are to evolve to the next degree, we must become divorce from materialistic insentive. We must start a revolution, a social revolution. Education must be completely rehashed, and the standardisation model abolished – comparable to that of the fast food industry. The labour governments idea to send EVERYONE to university, including plebeians and retards has led to a generation of overqualified bin men, with no clue, and no direction.

But how deep does the rabbit hole go?

Over the next couple of weeks I will be making some posts based on some of these ideas.

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