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A generation of men raised by women


We were born and bred by women, to be groomed and taught by women, to wed women. The metrosexual male bent of the 21st century is not only a result of clever marketing strategy, but of how we live. Long before capitalisation, petrol engines and breast pumps, we lived to survive. Learning from our fathers and men of the same kin group, we devised ingenious ways to hunt and succeed – to provide for the child bearers. In these simple times, men had clearly defined occupation. Never did exist mythical creatures such as househusbands.

Fast forward a million years or so and these definitions have been blurred and even overlap. What do we have now that is required for our survival, in the hunter gatherer sense of the word. Food, shelter, warmth? If that is the case then surely no more than 5% of our possessions are necessary by that description. Can we be described as a generation of compulsive hoarders? A confused evolutionary calamity where more time in our material possessions is spent than investment in the greater good. I’m not suggesting you throw away your microwave ovens, start a cult and burn churches, but when was the last time you thought, on a profound level, whether or not to needlessly buy a new comforter duvet that your wife suggested over desert.

I have a theory. And blurring of gender roles is only the beginning, but that is for another day.

To what end does a man ponder to himself, “what kitchen fittings describe me as a person”. To be alpha and let go that which does not matter, is to be in control. And I want to make this point clear. Only when a man is truly in control of himself and his emotions is he alpha – on the path to enlightenment. For this man comprehensively understands his biological role, and his social one. He is comfortable in all environments and all situations because at the end of the day, nothing should be taken with utter seriousness. Laugh in the face of pressure. Rise to a challenge. Crush irrational fear.

This leads me to my cheif idea – relationships. The radio howls lyrics about nothing other than love and loss, a steady relationship is the ultimate goal according to this medium. A new wave of psuedo-reality programs have taken over our screens, based solely on relationships. Young men are lectured in the art of worshipping women; “Find the girl of your dreams, Shower her in gifts and affection, she will follow in kind”. No. We are brought up in a world that put women on a pedestal. Firstly this quote is often misinterpreted and taken literally. It assumes a certain amount of attraction is already present in both parties, and rapport is yet to be developed; again, for a later post. Secondly, if the man is actually a man in the social sense, he will not be running around chasing tail, creeping on random girls in order to find THE ONE. He will be chasing his ideas, his dreams and developing his principles. The rest will follow…

Maxim #5 A man will only lose money chasing women, but will never lose women chasing money

Is the love of a women all we really aspire to as men? With respect to evolution, passing on genes is primary, and don’t get me wrong, I’m no misogynist. I’m asking if it is possible to overcome this biological default. To evolve in a completely new way, transcendentally. To consciously evolve ones bearing and internalise an alpha frame.

Fortunately I have the answer…

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On Alice in Wonderland

The pre-conditioning and socialisation of the developed society has us obsessed with life-style. We acquire income from jobs we hate, to supplement outgoings on celebrity endorsed grills and designer dildos. We are consumers.

The Mad Men of Madison Avenue have us chasing cars larger than our roads, “secret” dietary tricks which allow repulsive heffers to consume inordinate calories and “STILL DROP TEN lbs”, and beauty products with pseudo-scientific ingredients. Even the sexualisation of children is a result of profit based marketing – and we wonder why pedophilia is on the rise.

Darwin’s theory predicts crime, suffering and poverty – these things don’t concern us. If we are to evolve to the next degree, we must become divorce from materialistic insentive. We must start a revolution, a social revolution. Education must be completely rehashed, and the standardisation model abolished – comparable to that of the fast food industry. The labour governments idea to send EVERYONE to university, including plebeians and retards has led to a generation of overqualified bin men, with no clue, and no direction.

But how deep does the rabbit hole go?

Over the next couple of weeks I will be making some posts based on some of these ideas.

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